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How to File A Float Plan

A Float Plan is the marine equivalent to a Pilots Flight Plan. A Float Plan is a document filled out by a boat captain or boat operator for a particular day on the water or an extended trip. A good float plan should have as much information about the boat, crew, passengers and safety equipment as possible.

Pilots file Flight Plans with a Flight Service Station. Boaters traditionally leave Float Plans with friends or family. Commercial boaters leave Float Plans with their companies. The United States Coast Guard does not accept float plans until a rescue is required. Too often when boaters are reported overdue, friends and family do not have all the information necessary to adequately assist rescue agencies.

A Float Plan is not for the 99.9% of trips that go perfectly, A Float Plan is for the .01% of trips on the water where things go very wrong.

When you invite someone on your boat you are assuming responsibility for their safety. Take 2 minutes fill it out, print and save it, before you leave the dock. There is no charge. This is a public service of Boat/U.S. (You'll find the form below)

Once your float plan is filled out, print a copy and leave it with a responsible person on shore. If you are overdue your float plan should be faxed to the nearest United States Marine Rescue Station to where you were boating or Call The United States Coast Guard Command Office (see numbers at the bottom of this page).

Click here for the BoatUS PDF Float Plan to Print

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Printable Float Plan

Fill-Out, Print, Save On Shore, Report If Needed

The proper use of a float plan can save lives. It is a felony to file a felonious missing ship report or cause a felonious report to be filed with any official government rescue agency.

Fill out as much information as you can. You must fill out your name, phone and address (for verification). In the event you are reported missing, this information will be of great value to the Coast Guard or other rescue agencies.

Click here for the BoatUS PDF Float Plan to Print

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